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Valdecuevas Viognier 724 2022


Wine made from grapes of the Viognier and Verdejo variety that has been fermented in French oak barrels to give it a unique depth and intensity. Made from selected grapes, at their optimum point of maturity and seeking their highest aromatic expression.

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Valdecuevas 724 Viognier is not just a wine, it is a limited edition that encapsulates the essence of the Castilian terroir in just 1,800 bottles, each meticulously numbered, reflecting its exclusivity and authenticity.

Its straw yellow hue, accentuated by yellow nuances, reflects impeccable clarity, like a sunny day in the vineyards. When uncorked, evocative aromas of ripe white fruit are released, reminiscent of pears and apples. These are intertwined with subtle notes of dried fruits, creating an aromatic bouquet of great intensity and freshness.

When tasting Valdecuevas 724 Viognier, its unctuous and persistent character envelops the palate, leaving a lasting impression. With an alcohol content of 13% Vol., this wine becomes the ideal companion for a gourmet dinner. From Atlantic seafood to exquisite fish, fresh cheeses and pastas, it is a versatile wine that enhances every dish. Its pairing with rice and white meat is simply sublime, honoring the winemaking art of the region.

The Viognier grape is famous for its distinctive aromatic profile and its ability to give life to wines of notable complexity. Its compact clusters and thick-skinned grapes result in wines with singular intensity and richness. When tasted, floral notes such as orange blossom emerge, complemented by fruity nuances of apricot and peach. This variety is characterized by its silky texture in the mouth, perfectly balancing acidity and sweetness. Its uniqueness and versatility have positioned it as one of the most appreciated white grapes in the wine world, being essential in the creation of wines that seek to capture the essence and depth of this unique variety.

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