Comittment with the Planet

Environmental care as sign of identiy

The sustainability has been part of Valdecuevas identity from the beginning, and this is a commitment of The Martin Family. As a third-generation family business, we carry out our work applying regulations that ensure our successors will enjoy a much more sustainable world.

We are dedicated to our vineyards, this is the reason why we use techniques that seek sustainability

Good environmental practices in water management

  • Vineyard with system of drip irrigation
  • Hot water consumption is limited to cleaning the barrels, the bottling machine, the filters, the sinks and the closed circuit for heating the building and the vat casings
  • Portable CIP system for washing the stainless steel vats
  • Nitrogen-flushing system to clean the bottles before filling
  • Treated water recycling
  • Conscious team

Good environmental practices in energy management

  • The winery building is properly insulated
  • Natural lighting through skylights and windows
  • Network to separate rainwater
  • The grapes are harvested at night to reduce energy consumption
  • Preventive maintenance

Good environmental practices in emissions reduction

We prioritise the use of natural fertilisers over chemical fertilisers in the fields

Supply chain: Bottles (we use lighter bottles) and Corks (we have replaced our synthetic plastic stoppers with granulated cork stoppers, whose production has a lower carbon footprint).

Good environmental practices in waste reduction

The waste management is carried out by authorised waste managers. A waste recovery takes place; Organic solid waste, Sewage sludge and Barrels.

We also have a policy of centralising purchases.

Environmental impact

Building on the development of the environmental strategy and the minimisation of the environmental impact, a photovoltaic system has been installed to minimize the energy use and reduce environmental impact.

The sun is a renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting source of energy. Our raw material, the grape, comes from nature and as such, we understand that its care is one of our priorities