Company policy

GRUPO VALDECUEVAS is a family company with a long experience in the agri-food sector dedicated to the manufacture of high quality products. The activity carried out at Bodega Valdecuevas is the production and bottling of wines and partially fermented musts and the storage of finished products.

The mission of VALDECUEVAS is to offer a product in accordance with the needs of our customers, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and to differentiate us from other producers in the sector, always guided by obtaining the maximum hygienic-sanitary and quality guarantees for our products as well as our commitment to the environment.

The vision of VALDECUEVAS is to strive to be the best of the best in the gourmet sector of the agri-food market for the technical and sensory quality of all its products.

The Management considers the application of the Self-Control Systems as a base, and subsequently the Quality and Food Safety Systems, essential tools to carry out all its production processes, to achieve the involvement of all the members of the company, generating a suitable working environment, to obtain a continuous improvement in its processes and products, and to ensure the profitability of its activities.

VALDECUEVAS policy, as established in the Quality and Food Safety Systems, is oriented towards the fulfilment of the general objectives set by the company:

  • To ensure compliance with health and hygiene, legal, regulatory, customer or other requirements established by the company itself within environmental management, quality and food safety.
  • Customer orientation: to strengthen and improve the relationship with customers in terms of products, services and communication.
  • Work on improving the production process, managing non-conformities, involving all staff and preventing them from affecting the customer.
  • To produce and market products for human consumption, so putting safe food on the market is our main priority, hence our commitment to the participation of all workers in food safety practices.
  • Updating staff skills, adapting them to their functions through training and continuous assessment.
  • Providing the company with the necessary technical and human resources to improve process efficiency.
  • Management commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation and updating of the Food Safety and Quality Systems, acting as a driving force and guide.
  • The management team defines and maintains a plan to promote the development and continuous improvement of a culture of quality and safety of the products we manufacture, with the aim of “Promoting food safety by raising awareness and improving the behaviour of workers”.

In order to achieve all this, VALDEVUEVAS is based on transparent and ethical behaviour that is committed to:

  • Serve society with our products in fair and safe conditions.
  • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that favour job security and the human and professional development of our workers.
  • Promote the integration of all workers in the company regardless of race, gender or religion.
  • To respect the environment, avoiding as far as possible any type of pollution, minimising the generation of waste and rationalising the use of natural and energy resources, seeking the sustainability of the environment.
  • Strictly comply with laws, regulations, rules and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments acquired.

This Policy, established by the Management, must be known and applied by everyone in the company and will therefore be disseminated and made available to all personnel and other interested parties.