The grapes arrive from our vineyard to be accepted, pressed, stored and turned into the finished product. Temperatures and atmosphere are controlled automatically and always under the exhaustive supervision of the winery’s expert winemaker.

Ultimately, the VALDECUEVAS product obtained is a top-end product intended for our customers.



The winery is located in the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’, in the municipality of Rueda. Within the estate itself, on the plot called La Pardina, a new building equipped with modern, versatile production systems gives us great opportunities to produce a top-end product.



During September and October, and according to their maturation, harvest at Bodega Valdecuevas begins. To achieve the excellent quality of the grapes for Valdecuevas’ wines, strict monitoring is carried out in the vineyard, not only on the ripening of the grapes, but also on the yield, in order to achieve a limited production, and to obtain a higher concentration in our grapes, resulting in wines that are very concentrated, potent on the nose and generous on the palate.



The perfect combination of new technologies with the traditional know-how of the locals, who are the ones most familiar with the way Verdejo behaves.

Small stainless steel tanks where cold pellicular maceration is carried out to achieve greater extraction of aromas. Light pressing in which only the free-run must is used for the low-temperature fermentation (15ºC), which will take place over 19-21 days depending on the development of the wine.

After fermentation, the key factor is the stirring of the lees, or ‘bâttonage’, to give the wine a greater smoothness as well as much more structure on the palate.

The winery is IFS-certified (International Food Standard).