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Valdecuevas and the Superior School of Design of Valladolid unite wine and art in a joint project

Valdecuevas and the Valladolid Superior School of Design (ESI) come together with the purpose of fusing wine and art in the year in which the winery celebrates its tenth anniversary. In this way, Valdecuevas is committed to the art and young talent of Valladolid.

The proposals made by 50 students of ESI’s Degree in Graphic and Fashion Design have been inspired by the new brand image of the winery, more modern and faithful to its essence, as well as its most representative wines. The works have been carried out in 3 different fields: fashion, illustration and video.

Design of 7 ‘looks’

In the field of fashion design, the students have created 7 looks based on work in the field and artistic trends that each bottle of 7 of the most representative wines from the Valdecuevas winery reflect.

These are 2 men’s fashion looks, 2 women’s fashion and 2 genderless inspired by the wine labels Valdecuevas Álium, Valdecuevas Cuvée Verdejo, Valdecuevas Rosé, Valdecuevas Sauvignon Blanc, Valdecuevas Verdejo and Valdecuevas Verdejo Barrica.

Wine labels as a source of inspiration

The new Valdecuevas wine labels have also served as a source of inspiration for the students to create a series of 6 professional videos for social networks with the aim of projecting through images, music and effects what each bottle has transmitted to them.

On the other hand, the winery made available to the ESI students 5 barrels, 3 of 500 liters and 2 of 300 liters, which the students have decorated with illustrations based on the new brand image that the Valdecuevas winery has presented on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.