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Your perfect wine according to your horoscope

“We always like to be told about ourselves, to relate us to the elements and, why not, to be told that, depending on the character of our zodiac sign, we might like one wine more than another, and let’s see if they get it right”. ensures Marie Ducos, Parisian tarot reader living in Madrid and developer of her own methodology of “positive tarot” that finds its place in Las Cartas de Marie. “Wine speaks of emotions, of moods, we choose the wine according to what we feel like at all times, and sometimes we can like the same reference more or less depending on how we feel. The tarot is the same. The letters tell us about our energy, they give us advice,” adds the therapist, who ensures that her clients leave the sessions wanting to conquer the world.

Astrology studies the relationship of a person’s characteristics with the position of the stars just at the time of their birth. In the zodiacal wheel we find twelve personalities, one for each sign or horoscope. In the study of the position and movement of the stars, the issues and themes that govern the so-called astral houses, as well as the sign of the zodiac, can be directly related to some of our personality traits of a person, the important events to throughout his life and even with his physical characteristics.

The first thing to keep in mind is that horoscopes are governed by four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Elements that influence the zodiac signs and that help us to better understand our way of being and that of others. “In an uncertain context, in which we are looking for answers, confidence and optimism, astrology can be a great ally, especially when we want to add a magical and positive touch to our lives”, defends Marie Ducos. We make use of the talent for the Divinatory Arts of the French tarot reader and follow the wheel of horoscopes with the aim of discovering which wine is the most suitable for us if we take into account our sign. Twelve wines for twelve horoscopes.